Future Generations, the international CSO

Future Generations was founded in 1992, based on decades of research as to what drives sustainable community development and empowerment.

“Future Generations promotes community-led development in partnership with government as a proven, alternative path to improving people's lives and places. Our mission is to: teach and enable a process of equitable community change that integrates environmental conservation with development.”

Working in a set of diverse and challenging contexts globally – Afghanistan, Tibet, China, India, Peru, Haiti, and Rural America – Future Generations partners with peoples’ movements and community change agents to help them scale up their successes into examples of social transformation. Future Generations is not limited to one domain, but rather the organization promotes a process of empowerment, guided by the internationally-recognized methodology called SEED-SCALE (seed-scale.org). Ranging from community health to environmental preservation to peacebuilding and conflict recovery, Future Generations partnerships are directed by the priorities of the community and a process of evidence-based decision making.

In 2003, Future Generations established the Future Generations Graduate School, an accredited graduate school program that offers a Master's Degree in Applied Community Change with  concentrations in Conservation and Peacebuilding. Future Generations has published two books on its unique community empowerment methodology: Just and Lasting Change, published in 2002, and more recently, Empowerment on an Unstable Planet, which was published in 2011.

Visit Future Generations website at www.future.org and the Graduate School's website at www.future.edu.