SEED-SCALE Resources for Haiti

Future Generations Haiti has been working to make SEED-SCALE resources available in Haitian Creole, and adapting them to the local context. 

The act of translation is not just the act of translating the English to the Haitian Creole, but translating the global context of SEED-SCALE into a local Haitian one. This has meant a continuing process of testing the theories in the field through workshops, interviews, case studies, and field observations. Our guide has been adapted and refined several times, and we see it as an ongoing exercise in reflective practice to continue to add new knowledge and perspectives to the guide.

Three of the co-founders of Future Generations Haiti are graduates of Future Generation's Master's Program on Applied Community Change and Peacebuilding, where SEED-SCALE and the concepts of empowerment, community-driven development, and social transformation were taught. 

If you are interested in our Haitian Creole-language guide or even workshops on community-driven social change and empowerment, you can contact Louino Robillard, one of the graduates of the Master's Program and a practioner of SEED-SCALE at